Providing Hope Through Health

for moms and children around the world


It Matters! Why?


Nine million mothers and their children are now dying each year, mostly from readily preventable or treatable conditions, and more than one billion people have never seen a healthcare provider.

Curamericas Global can make an important contribution to addressing this great global challenge. With the support of the Hope Through Health Foundation and with you, we will save lives.

Since 1983, we have worked with local organizations to bring about sustainable changes in healthcare systems. We are committed to creating lasting benefits through education and long-term partnerships with local communities, local organizations, and local leaders.  

We partner with existing healthcare organizations that have a strong presence in a particular region and who demonstrate a strong capacity to lead community health projects. As we look to the future, we recognize that the need for our work will remain ever more pressing as the health inequities from a global perspective persist. 

Therefore, we are committed to building a significant endowment fund that will provide an important source of funding to serve communities, mothers, and children around the world for another 35 years and beyond.

·        Nearly 5.9 million children will not see their fifth birthday.
·        830 women die, each day, from preventable pregnancy complications.
·        We want to end preventable child and maternal deaths by 2035.

What's New at Curamericas Global


COVID-19 Won't Stop Us

We have adapted to quickly utilize existing systems to disseminate life-saving messaging to every household we serve. We also brought programs for building handwashing stations, making homemade soap, and homemade masks.


Join Our Mom-A-Thon

Mom-a-thon is a race to save the lives of moms in forgotten communities around the world. Will you compete for this important cause?


The Hope Through Health Endowment

You can help. Your endowment gift allows you to make a contribution – and investment – in the permanence of our mission.  The endowment is the most effective long-term way we can continue to save lives. 

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